It’s just data

I like Dave's InfoWorld slides very much.  But to me, reality is much more fractal.  Bridges are complicated structures.  Bootstrapping is definitely the way to go.  But at some point the thin cable becomes part of a larger intertwined structure that is a thicker cable.  And that thicker cable becomes part of a larger intertwined structure called a bridge.  And that bridge's design is approved by nameless civil servants.  And inspected on a regular basis by blue collar workers.  Everybody plays a vital role.

SOAP is such a thin cable.  What other thin cables will is be interwoven with to produce the thicker cable that will become part of the massive infrastructure that we generically refer to as the internet?

Dez anos

Como 2008 já entrando em fevereiro, percebi que já leio blogs em uma base freqüente há dez anos e que existem alguns que eu acompanho há quase o mesmo número de anos. O primeiro blog que eu li, e que passei a acompanhar, foi o Scripting News, do ao...

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