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Skipping RSS 0.93

Simon Fell: Hey Sam, what about RSS 0.93 ?  It looks like that version was essentially stillborn.  Truth be told, I nearly was to the point of making a choice between keeping only one of 0.91 or 0.92 so that the data would fit on a reasonable sized screen.  But by dropping the radio template and a suitable amount of CSS, I was able to keep all four to my satisfaction.  Displays reasonably on both Mozilla and IE on my machine.  Then I ran the result through tidy and I learned the importance of Choosing a DocType.  Next time, I will start there.

I assume that Dave's change notes refer to Userlands deployment of RSS0.93, as I know for sure that people have deployed RSS0.93 feeds [cause i wrote them!]

Posted by Simon Fell at

Simon, they weren't intended to refer to UserLand's deployment, but I wasn't aware of any others, and I looked at Syndic8 to see if they knew of any, a while back. So this begs the question, where are some examples of 0.93 feeds?

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the other one's i did were at the now defunct StreetFusion

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The only other 0.93 feeds I've seen are Jim Winstead's (e.g. or

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