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RSS Validator

Perhaps in a small way, the world is a better place today than it was yesterday.  RSS Validator.  Top of blogdex.  Top of daypop.  Wow.

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Sam, is there a Trackback URL for this post? I looked at your HTML source and didn't see a clue. I'm still in bumbling around mode with Trackback, so forgive the silly question.

Posted by Dave Winer at

Dave, not a silly question. I do two things which are confusing in this area.

First, do a view source on *this* page. You will see the trackback information.

The two things that I do that are confusing is that I do not put trackback information on my summary pages. And I have what amounts to multiple permalinks for each entry.

Suggestions welcome.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Daypop has permalinks.

Posted by Mark


Mark and Sam

I called both of the creators of the RSS Validator yesterday, Mark Pilgrim and Sam Ruby, to congratulate them on a very nicely done piece of software and to thank them for making a significant positive contribution to the success of RSS. ... [more]

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Sam, as you can see, the ping worked, but you didn't return a <response> per the Trackback spec, you returned RSS.

Posted by Dave Winer at

Dave: thanks for bringing that to my attention. Fixed!

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Credit is not a zero sum game

Dave Winer: Those that seek credit are often disappointed. Those that seek to minimize the public perception of their own role are often surprised.Dave will verify this - when he calledme, I minimized my role in all of this. Yet Mark states that I de... [more]

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