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Demise of e-mail?

Chris Sells: Of Eggs and Omelets.  What is most notable about this to me is that I first saw the e-mails that he is referencing when I went looking for them after seeing the reference on his weblog.  

The reason is simple: my corporate email address is getting so overrun with spam that I instituted a rather aggressive filter a few weeks back: everything that did not originate from within the firewall is filed into a folder.  (Note: that doesn't mean a forged SMTP address either, it means that the particular e-mail never saw a gateway ever).

I scan this folder periodically, but as this folder has such a low signal to noise ratio, I often miss things.  Meanwhile, my aggregated news feeds have a much higher signal to noise ratio for me.

You want to catch my interest?  Say it on a weblog.

Update: Steven Noels has the right idea.

Good one, Sam

Since the easiest way to get in touch with Sam is mentioning him in a blog, and he gave me... [more]

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