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Dave Winer posts a lot of insightful ideas about the future of conferences. My instincts are that a hybrid of approaches are what is required - a combination of common experiences (keynotes), structured communications (sessions), and adhocracy.

The closest I have seen come to this was the ApacheCon, which had a parallel hackathon running during most of the sessions. What the hackathon had was 802.11, power strips, tables, chairs, and a few whiteboards. In my experience, power strips are the most overlooked accessory by conference organizers.

I know many West Coasters that are just hitting their stride at midnight, so if you want to truly even the playing field, make the keynotes all happen at 7 a.m..  Las Vegas is also a great location in that nobody lives there, and everybody can get there easily. 

I'm not a fan of speakers during eating.  Eating is a wonderful opportunity to talk to the person next to you.  Rooms with PC's or Mac's are so last century, these days most people bring their own internet access devices.


...whatever happened to the idea of "Weblogs in Meatspace"? It was bounced around a lot back in December, but seems to have dropped off the radar. I'll send an e-mail to Dave about it, since he is currently in transit there may be some significant delays. Hmm...this was too good an idea to just let it go by the wayside. A conference that doesn't suck. Is anyone working on this and just hasn't said so? If not, volunteers, anyone?... [more]

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