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Joe pushes back

Joe Gregorio: I don't think I'll do it, but I am always open to persuasive arguments...

There's nothing more persuasive than seeing the problem with your own eyes.  Since you seem to like C# on the client...

wsdl CommentAPI.wsdl
csc capiClient.cs CommentAPI.cs

Adjust the wsdl as you see fit, try it in VisualStudio if you have got it, or simply declare this as a market you don't choose to serve.

P.S. by picking the same named element on the input and output messages, just be aware that you have fallen into an idiom.

Pushing Back

Sam's example isn't very persuasive for why a namespace should to be added to the 'item' element in the CommenAPI. Here is my own eerily similar example of why the namespace isn't needed and the SOAP envelope is optional. xsd CommentAPI.xsd /c csc...

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