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Is today over yet?

Most of the year, I really enjoy how many people around the world, in
different countries, and cultures, and timezones, I've come to know through
weblogs. All except for on the afternoon and evening of March 31st. Between
your "redesign" and Paul Hammond reading right to left, I've already been
fooled enough for one day, and it's still barely after 9pm on the 31st.

Emailed by Phil Ringnalda at

OK, the redirect has been removed.  All in all, I like this layout a lot better than that the one I used last year.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Sam, fof.tmpl is generating a CGI error.  I noticed it when I clicked a permalink at the redirect.

Posted by Gary Burd at

Thanks, Gary.  Doubtful this artifact will survive the refactoring into the common mombo codebase, but I fixed it for now anyway.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

A guy I know wants to use this layout for his blog.  I'm going to put, "loosely based upon Sam Ruby's weblog" in the meta data.  It looks good.

Posted by Anita at

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