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Joi Ito: Joi's Technorati Jabber Alert System and Technorati Cosmos Sidebar Maker

Cool.  I already use Technorati to help me find links to excerpt.

What interests me is Jabber alerts on comments of any kind.  First to me (of course!), and then perhaps to those who register interest in such thing.  And/or IRC, which Joi also supports.

TechnoBot, a script written in Python by Joi Ito, "will retrieve the technorati cosmos for a URL via the technorati......

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I've got my blog set up to jabber me whenever somebody posts a comment. I got tired of missing comments on older posts, and not realizing that there were new comments until days after the fact.

I suppose a simpler solution would have been to set up an RSS feed for my comments, but I was looking for an excuse to do some more jabber experiments, and it's more immediate anyhow.

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I think what I’d prefer to do is make a bookmarklet that you can click when you’re on a blog post page,... [more]

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