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Better Messaging

Sean McGrath: The real beauty of messaging is the tremendous scope it provides for intervention in message flows. Where you can intervene, you can transform and Transformation is the only truth.

I agree.  However, I would like to add that once you accept that, you can go on to produce better models, ones that are more suited to transformation.

For starters, it helps if the messages are cleanly and thoroughly specified.  And adopt the use of a common set of data types when possible.  And ones that don't obscure structure with XML escaping.

Sam Ruby picked up on my post about messaging. I couldn't agree more about the need for clean, thorough specification of XML messages. ...

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Chuckle!  Sean made a subtle change in where he linked the word thorough to.  I've got no quibbles with that, after all Transformation is the only truth.

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The Message Is The Medium

The title comes from Rohit's Rant on Personal Servers.

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