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Foo Camp Yogi Bera: You can observe a lot by watching.

Tim Bray: Foo Camp Notes captures a bit of the diversity that is present at Foo Camp.  What follows below is an attempt to impose coherence on a slice of this diversity.

Raising this up several meta-levels: a couple hundred people descended on FOO simply for the opportunity to collaborate and share.  Most of the people present I didn't know two years ago (before I started blogging).  Most of them didn't know me then either.

Now we know each other and collaborate via shared published content.  Increasingly, this will be visual.  People will be able to effortlessly capture what they see and share it with friends and family.  The recipients can time shift this content as they see fit.

The limits are no longer technological.  Many of the products cited above had built in limitations that are intended to either benefit the producer of the product or the producer of content for the product.  This will ultimately be self defeating.  People that produce interesting content and share it liberally will enjoy a wider audience than those that only do one or the other.

William Gibson: The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet.  This is one of Tim O'Reilly's favorite quotes.  Never was the point more forcefully driven home to me than here at FOO.

this is the Web, so I can update it later, right?

Tim Bray reports from Foo Camp, touching on matters of search and a Technorati vs. Blogdex deathmatch. Two things that make me want to talk to Cameron Marlow (of Blogdex): Cameron has been doing some work grouping people, with respect to any blogger, into Friends, the people who you’ve linked to...... [more]

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Providing and sharing interesting content is the ony way to win an audience

(SOURCE: Sam Ruby: A slice of foo )- Amen, brother Sam! QUOTE The limits are no longer technological.... [more]

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Foo Camp Wrap-up

I didn't have the time at Foo Camp to blog much about what I was doing, who I was meeting, and what we were discussing. I was too busy and interested to tear myself away. I went to bed each night very tired. Luckily, a few others provided some on-line notes and such: Doc took some pictures and wrote stuff several times. Check his weblog. Tim Bray has posted his Foo Notes Jason Kottke was one of the many to...... [more]

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Another great Yogi quote: It's deja vu all over again!! ;->

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New Age Content Distribution

Brian Behlendorf was at the same two presentations at at the end of Raffi’s, he leaned over to me and...... [more]

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It would be great if the PVR became a platform of innovation by which independent content could be delivered over the 'net.  It is however extremely unlikely to happen because the copyright cartel recognizes this.  Witness the two new board members from Fox on Tivo's board.  Or Comcast's roll out of a PVR that they are practically giving away. 

Tivo and company should be saluted as innovators that have thrown a wrench in Big Cable's ITV plans (VOD).  PVRs move the content closer to the user which is certainly a boon.  But Big Cable can underprice any independent.  Their boxes will certainly not be open.  The traditional hardware manufacturers will only be able to sell high end boxes to premium consumers, Tivo itself will have the honor of joining Rupert Murdoch's empire once DISH and DirecTV merge.

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Foo: The UnConference

Today is the last day of the Foo Camp at O’Reilly. What? You haven’t yet heard the buzz in the blog circles? Here’s some links: Dori captures the feeling Doc observing that this isn’t your mother’s conference Kottke on...

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Notes to Self

Invent “Next Big Thing” so you can go to Foo Camp (to paraphrase Seth Schoen, “You are in a…...

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BitTorrent and Google's IP

Tech: Sam Ruby on Foo Camp. Foo camp sounds cool; a little bit circle-jerky, but still interesting. But that's not what I wanted to write about -- the thing I wanted to mention was BitTorrent; it just struck me recently -- one key thing about BT...

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Foo Campfire

Foo Camp was a sign of unconferences to come. Its always been the case that conferences were more about people than content, and the best content comes from attendees. The free-for-all structure of Foo gave attendees equal opportunity to provide......

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PocketDish Saga

This adventure started a number of years ago. The first time I saw an Archos device was when Beth Goza brought an  AV340 to FOO in 2003.  I then explored  MythTV last year.  My conclusion at the time is that what I wanted was technicall... [more]

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