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Disney's RSS 0.93

Dave Winer noted some 23 new feeds from ABC news.  What is particularly interesting about these feeds is that they are marked as RSS 0.93, complete with a DTD copyright Walt Disney Internet Group.  The DOCTYPE also indicates this ownership.  The version number is repeated in the URL itself.

The channel on these feeds don't have a description (despite being required by the DTD).  Pubdates seem to be in a compressed form of the ISO 8601 format.  Links are expressed as CDATA (which is OK), but some of the links have an extraneous double quote character at the end of the URL (which is not).

RE: Disney's RSS 0.93

Give 'em a break already.  It's not their fault that keyboards aren't designed for four-fingered, glove-wearing programmers.

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Mickey Mouse Syndication

Sam Ruby points to 23 ABC News feeds which are in RSS 0.93, with DTD copyright Disney and Userland namespace....... [more]

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Sam Ruby : Dave Winer noted some 23 new feeds from ABC news.... [more]

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Apologies to use this post as a point of contact but couldn't find another way. The link to your Feeds page is somewhat broken as IE is trying download the URL.


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Serdar: I could quibble over whether my feeds page is broken or if it is, in fact, IE that is broken.  ;-)

In any case, my feeds page is now serving perfectly valid XHTML 1.1 with a mime type of text/html to browsers which don't indicate that they will accept xhtml.


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RSS 0.93

Is RSS 0.93 really simple? I guess not. Winer introduced us to these 23 new bad feeds. As Sam points out, it doesn't validate. The pubDate is extra funky, dc:date format. The link is CDATA encoded and contains extra characters. Missing...

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RSS 0.93

Bad or not, BottomFeeder reads those feeds just fine...

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[LIEN] Disney's RSS 0.93

Une version de RSS rien que pour Disney !...

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The myth of RSS compatibility

I would like to publicly apologize for my previous misstatements.  There are not 7 different and incompatible versions of RSS; there are 9.... [more]

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