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Rendezvous for Windows

Jonas Luster: It's the often overlooked things, that are truly great. Amidst all the hype for bigger screens, RSS in Safari and Apple ripping off Konfabbulator's Widget technology, the real revolution won't be broadcast widely.

Yesterday, Cupertino released the first preview version of its ZeroConf/Rendezvous technology for Windows XP and 2000.

If you really think Apple ripped off Konfabulator, read Daring Fireball:


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Interesting writeup at Daring Fireball of Dashboard vs. Konfabulator . Seems they’ve both got scriptable stuff under the hood, using webbish languages - Javascript, HTML, XML etc. Heh, James is going to love this, but I still can’t help thinking...

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Sam, you've got some character encoding issues with your auto-extracted excerpts.  Danny's page is declared as "Content-type: text/html" with no charset parameter, but includes a META tag that redeclares it as UTF-8.  Regardless, it does not appear to use any non-ASCII characters, but you're munging his numeric entities.

This is probably my fault.  Didn't you borrow the original auto-excerpting code from me?  If so, I apologize.

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Sam, you've got some character encoding issues with your auto-extracted excerpts.

Fixed.  The auto-excerpting code is based on parsing the feeds, and the numeric entities were properly converted to unicode.  I have some "when all else fails, assume win-1252" logic which unfortunately kicked in.  That code as been removed - there is some logic later in the path that takes care of this properly.

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Upon further debugging, there was not a problem in my code.  There is a problem in the Planet RDF feed.  Additionally, the feedvalidator needs to recognize that the RDF/xml specification has been updated.

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i18n test

Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiøn. There, I said it. Copy-and-pasted from Firefox, looks ok in this HTML form, let's see what it does further down the line. Sam noted in comments some problems with material sent via trackback (via Planet RDF - not sure how the...

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Syndirella with Atom and a question about comments

For a bit of fun the other day I sat down and added Atom support to Syndirella using the Atom.NET library. This was just as much a learning experience for me, since I've never used C# before, nor got into the nitty-gritty of writing applications for...

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