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RFC3229 enabled

Experimental support for RFC 3229 "feed" instance manipulation method:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} /blog/index.atom$
RewriteCond %{HTTP:A-IM} \bfeed\b
RewriteCond /home/rubys/blog/history/index.%{HTTP:If-None-Match}.asis -s
RewriteRule index.atom$ /blog/history/index.%{HTTP:If-None-Match}.asis has the delta function.

Do you happen to have the ETag of your previous feed to hand so I can play with this? Your current feed's ETag is "1d45f1-2231-acaecac0".

Posted by Simon Willison at

Implementations of RFC3229 with "feed"

[Updated: 19-Sept-2004 00:04] While there continues to be a raging debate about whether "Microsoft's flip-flip may signal blog clog", some folk are actually working on solving the problem that Microsoft's experience has emphasized... We're beginning...

Excerpt from As I May Think... at

Simon: try "1d42b6-5ee6-b298e7c0" as an ETag for comments.atom.

Note: my current plans are to keep deltas for 1 to 7 days... based on the -atime and -ctime that I find on the file itself.  Once the file hasn't been accessed for over a day, or was created more than 7 days ago, it will be removed.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Thanks for making this available, Sam.  FWIW, the feed worked fine with my latest internal build of FeedDemon, returning HTTP 226 ("IM Used") as expected.

Posted by Nick Bradbury at

RSS Bandwidth Strategies

Much concern, hand wringing and advice on RSS bandwidth issues lately. (see Regular Sucking Schedule, and HowTo RSS Feed......

Excerpt from LaughingMeme at

Glad my friends suggest me high speed internet services in my area.

Posted by Sarvendra vashistha at

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