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Bathroom Wall Principle

Jemima Pereira: If you write a poem on a bathroom wall, the owner of the restaurant isn’t obliged to erase it at your whim. Nor should he have to let you back into the bathroom to edit it yourself. He can stick a neon Guinness sign in the bathroom next to your poem. If he happens to hoist his double-wide restaurant onto the back of a trailer and move it to another city (or country), then the bathroom goes with him and he’s still not obliged to do anything about your poem. [via Phil Ringnalda]

One of the amusing things about most legal debates is that one can generally find a number of "precedents" that amount to rough analogies; and each can lead one to very different conclusions.

I personally like conclusions that minimize obligations for all concerned.

funny, before following the link, i thought this was about the google toolbar thing, though the analogy didn't work nearly as well there.

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Minimizing Obligations

Sam Ruby writes... I personally like conclusions that minimize obligations for all concerned. Interestingly, Sam is writing about legal issues, but this applies equally well to purely technical design issues....

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Sam Ruby: Bathroom Wall Principle


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Saturday, 03/05/05 11:37 PM

The Ole filter makes a pass... I have to say, Bittorrent is the coolest thing ever.  Tonight I wanted to download xCode v1.5, the latest version of Apple’s Developer Tools.  So I’m a member of Apple’s Developer Connection, and I find the...

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Phil Ringnalda

And yes, an inability to remain serious for two paragraphs is one of the reasons I’m not a lawyer. While that sounds rather like I’m claiming the world, and giving you nothing but a rather gnawed bone in return, it’s actually primarily inspired by...

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