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Bloglines: Hide Google Image Ads

That didn’t take long.  [More]

Greasemonkey is the new Excel: an inefficient way for end users to do anything.  That’s a compliment, BTW.  Still, for ad blocking, I prefer AdBlock and an up-to-date filter list.

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Adds in feeds

Apparently there are adds in feeds now [...]...... [more]

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So far, my alternate system is working pretty well: look at the entries currently in the feed, ask myself which of them were must-reads that weren’t linked to by anyone else I read, snicker, and then apply the unsubscribe filter.

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Hey phil stop commenting and get blogging! (as he checks why he hasn’t read anything from phil ringnalda dot com lately)

I’m tempted to unsubscribe from feeds that have adds in them. But in the end if i don’t see them are they really there?

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Keep your ads outta my rss!

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Keep your ads outta my rss!

Today is a sad day for blogs. As I read through bloglines this morning, I’m finding feeds with ads from google. When feedburner added ads it was annoying, but now that google is on the bandwagon it will be overwhelming. I think adsense is a...

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Sam Ruby: Bloglines: Hide Google Image Ads


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Google Adsense in RSS: why not?

Last week Robert McLaws started placing Google Adsense Ads in the LonghornBlogs RSS Feed. The reaction from the community seemed to be mostly negative; Dave Winer for instance, wrote: If we wanted to, as an industry, reject the idea, we could, by asking the people who create the software to add a feature that strips out all ads. Make it...... [more]

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Sam Ruby: Bloglines: Hide Google Image Ads

Sam Ruby: Bloglines: Hide Google Image Ads Sam points to a greasemonkey script that will stops the ads from showing up in bloglines. Awesome....

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