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Incremental Evolution

Stefano Mazzocchi: Thank you, little <canvas> tag, you’ll be teaching a lot of lessons to a lot of people and you’ll be making my rich-webapp-developer life easier.

CANVAS triumphalism

heh... for the new Firefox drawing API my snarky prediction last week has already been fulfilled: "This leads me to think that [canvas] is going to be huge. By the time the new Adobe+Macromedia colossus decide the faith of flash+SVG, this little HTML tag will...... [more]

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<canvas> is being standardised by the WHATWG: [link]

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Welcome back to incremental innovation. The lull of six years of monopoly-induced stagnation is over.

The new <canvas/> element, being standardized by the WhatWG, was just turned on in Mozilla. We are turning canvas on — it’s already on by now. Get over it. Nothing in a relatively new spec is set in concrete, but that does not prevent useful...

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&lt;canvas&gt; Changes the Rules

From a link on Stefano’s Linotype, via Sam Ruby’s blog: the new <canvas> tag is coming to Mozilla. I think this is huge: with support in Firefox/Mozilla and Safari, <canvas> is going to open up new opportunities to “sweat the pixels” and...

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AJAX + CANVAS = Good enough?

Apparently Mozilla (and so Firefox) are getting the element (similar to Safari) and adopted by WHATWG (and so Opera). Whence IE? (Via Sam Ruby)...

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