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First, I verified that the RSS 0.91 spec is more honored in the breach than the observance.  Then I switched exclusively to Atom 1.0.

Time to destroy the internets again.  But only for those Aggregators with an 'X" in column four in this table.  Non-IE based aggregators with an X in this column will simply see silent data loss.  IE-based aggregators with an X in this column that aren’t based on white-listing may see a repeat of last Tuesday.

If your aggregator is broken, point the authors to section 3.1.1 of RFC 4287.

Umh ... hasn’t Phil been doing this for a while?

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Vienna for the Mac OSX ([link]) seems to work fine.

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Jacques: if you can find access to a machine that runs IE, take a look at this.  On IE, <comment> renders the rest of the page invisible.  Here’s some background as to how it works.

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Think of it as the difference between a zoo with a mangy old stuffed beaver with plastic duck lips glued on it, and one with a genuine platypus, complete with venomous ankle spurs :)

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Ah! Brilliant.

That is much more fun that Phil’s “Silent Data Loss in Every Post” campaign.

Backwards compatibility can be a curse ...

...if you can find access to a machine that runs IE

Having arranged my life so as to be  entirely Microsoft-free, getting access to such a machine is surprisingly difficult.

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Interesting... not only does Google Reader mess up the title, its link for ‘show original item’ comes from your /feed/link/@rel (or maybe /feed/id) not /feed/entry/link@href. Unfortunately I was too late checking to find out if the title mangling is carried through to their outgoing atom feeds.

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Our outgoing Atom feeds preserve Sam’s title: [link]

Also, as far as I can tell, we get the alternate link right. When I click “Show original item” I see the right entry: [link]

Note that entries in our generated Atom feeds have a atom:source element with the feed homepage URL, which may be what you’re referring to. I believe Thunderbird’s Atom parser (and possibly others) get tripped up by this, which is why we moved it to the end of the entry, at Robert’s suggestion.

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Mihai, thanks for the info on the outgoing feed. I’ve just realized that the borked show-original-item link is because I’m reading Sam via Planet Apache, and Planet’s Atom support is er,... sadly lacking...which I should know, being on its development mailing list. Oh the irony :) Accept my humble apologies!

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Is it time to move on from bloglines?

I have been using bloglines for several years now. But recently it has had a number of problems. Is it time to change and if so to what?......

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Bloglines Breakages

Not exactly.  I used to have a bookmark and for the last week or so, the accelerator keys stopped working for me.  Now I see why. Instead of breaking things that used to work, I’d really appreciate if Bloglines could handle basic things like whi... [more]

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