It’s just data


Matthew Mullenweg: the author of the Well-formed Web spec has changed the capitializition of the wfw:commentRSS element at some unknown point to lowercase Rss. This arbitrary decision has been codified by the validator, which now reports the millions and millions of feeds that use the previously correct capitialization as invalid

For a brief moment, I contemplated redirecting to Matt’s post.  But then I thought better of the idea.

This is not a case of “previously correct capitialization” not being reported as invalid.  This is the case of a “previously incorrect capitialization” not previously being caught by the Feed Validator.

I’ve just deployed a change, downgrading this to a warning.

Joe: I’d like to suggest that you update this page to point to Chris’s archive, and to note both the original (and preferred) spelling as well as the alternative (and discouraged) spelling.

As to content:encoded, if people can come to a consensus on to the precedence rules regarding description and content:encoded, the Feed Validator will honor such consensus.  At the present time, I believe that the best hope for a positive outcome for such a discussion would be to have it on the rss-public mailing list.