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Adding Atom support to PlanetPlanet

This weekend’s recreational programming project involved PlanetPlanet and ensuring that there is adequate support for Atom.  And there’s nothing like live data to help identify integration issues.

It turns out that upgrading to the latest Feed Parser wasn’t enough.  PlanetPlanet ignored basic information like title_detail.type.  This turned out to be relatively straightforward to add, and the result passes Phil’s tests.

Internationalization and relative URIs required no effort on my part — PlanetPlanet and the Universal Feed Parser already had these areas covered.

Along the way, I added support for Autodiscovery and the Common Feed Icon.  And produced a valid Atom feed. And adopted and adapted Planet Apache's template and style for my own use.

I then turned to XHTML support.  In order to have any hope of passing Jacques' Torture Tests, any river of news style aggregator will have to first convert all of its input into well formed XML.  Thank’s to Aaron Swartz's help, Planet Intertwingly is currently well formed, if not yet completely valid.

More information: code, results.