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May Day!

Stephen Duncan Jr: This promise regarding Atom 1.0 support has gone totally unhonored. I can think of no meaning of “as soon as possible” that means you can’t get a simple case that other aggregators handle correctly in almost 5 months.


OK, this is getting silly. Any other web-based feed readers out there with a bookmarkable all-new-items-on-one-page view?

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Sam Ruby: May Day!

wearehugh : Sam Ruby: May Day! Tags : atom bloglines syndication...

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What’s the thing with the textarea in this post? Clue me in please :P

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Darryl — It swallows up the rest of your feeds thusly.

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[from wearehugh] Sam Ruby: May Day!


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Darryl — It swallows up the rest of your feeds thusly.

See it live.

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Huh.  I just want links (including feed & entry level titles!) working...  Quit bringing up these examples of worse breakage! You’re going to distract them! :)

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Stephen: hopefully someday these people who are subscribed to this feed will be able to see something as functional as this. Instead they see this.

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Sam Ruby Breaks Bloglines Again

Screenshot of Sam Ruby’s terrorist campaign against Bloglines readers:...

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Ah, so depending on where you were in my subscription list you ate my other feeds?


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Sam: hopefully!  I get the problem, I’m just joking about trying to keep my pet peeve at the top of the list.

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There’s a very simple solution to this bug: Don’t Use Bloglines.

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Skewering Bloglines (again)

David Berlind at ZDNet apparently noticed the games that Sam Ruby has been playing with Bloglines. Bloglines is hopelessly silly in so many areas and Sam likes to point this out by putting little HTML tags in his posts that break Bloglines. I laugh...

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