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Planet OPML

The current version of Planet produces OPML™ that does not conform to the Guidelines for validating OPML.  This leads to a rather suboptimal Grazring experience.  I’ve committed a new template that produces valid OPML, for much improved Grazring.

Sam Ruby has tinkered with Planet, his preferred RSS reader, to produce OPML that will work better with Grazr....

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Sam Ruby gets Feed Grazing

Just 3 months after pondering the question whether we should call it Feed Glancing or Feed Grazing, I see that Sam Ruby is helping with templates that produce valid OPML, for much improved Grazing. Now that’s cool. And I notice......

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Sounds of silence

So I know the blog has been a little quiet recently. Long weekend in NYC (where I knew it was a bad idea to try and do work), prepping for OPML camp (which I’m still way behind and it’s this weekend), working on the ‘meta’...

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