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Personal Planets?

Alex Harden: I’m actually tempted to roll my own Planet and call it a day

What would it take to convince you?  ;-)

At the moment, it is a matter of downloading, editing a config.ini, optionally tailoring a template, and finally scheduling the application to run.

As I run planet locally, I also have an additional step where I upload the results.

Something that might make it easier to get started is a bundled simple web server that allowed you to adjust the configuration, and add and delete subscriptions, all from the comfort of your web browser.  It could also optionally upload the results to your hosting provider, or even serve up locally the aggregated pages that were produced.

Another thing that might be useful is a collection of templates to start from.

I suck at UI, but I could produce something minimally workable if somebody was interested in producing CSS for it.

Thanks for this, Sam:’s site is woefully inadequate to letting folks knowing how to get started, at least for those of us who’re a little wary of nightlies.

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Sam, are all of the new lovely Atom hacks in the nightly downloads?

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Indeed, if one can me it configurable, the removal and addition of subscriptions one by one and via opml, isnt planet a very nice implementation of Dave Winer’s news-river idea? It could infact be used as the start of a personal aggregator tool, perhaps by using greasemonkey..

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Your recent entries about updating support for Atom in Planet, along with seeing some examples of how it’s used, are what has me intrigued.  I haven’t used a “river of news” aggregator for a long time, so I’ll probably plug the pure bloggers  I read into “Planet Cygweb” and keep the pro/news sites (and their higher entry frequency) in Bloglines or another tool.

Thanks for the nudge (and directions).  I’ll probably grab one of the nightlies and see how I make out.  I don’t know that I’m skillful enough to help with the extending the usability the way you describe, though.  I definitely agree that moving more of the configuration into the browser would make it even more attractive.

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at least for those of us who’re a little wary of nightlies.

Be aware that all versions of Planet amount to nightlies.  1.0 has never been released, Jeff runs from his development repository, and I run from mine.

are all of the new lovely Atom hacks in the nightly downloads?

Jeff has been pretty good at keeping up.  The only Atom related change that he hasn’t picked up yet is that the type attribute was missing from atom:rights.

You are also welcome to pull from my repository.

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Personal Planets

It would be nice to be able to take all of the things that you publish at different places. Personal Planets would be one way to address the problem (and a good one at that). I am also building in to statzen the ability to do that same thing with a...

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My take on a personal planet is more in line with Jaxn: a planet about me.

Call it self-indulgent, but I wanted to aggregate all of my various feeds into one location.  I think of it as similar to Jeremy Keith’s Adactio Elsewhere.  Instead of busting out my API skills, I keep it open for easy additions by being based around Atom feeds.

So far I have a blog, Flickr, and Ma.gnolia.  I started with, but switched to Ma.gnolia for their Atom feed.

It is nowhere near done (horrible invalid XHTML), more proof of concept so far, but fun to play with.  Thanks for the code, Sam!

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Sam Ruby: Personal Planets?


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