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MeMeme 2.0

Gabe Rivera: filters based on the editorial approach used for Techmeme/memeorandum don’t work well outside of a few topic domains (like politics and tech), because cross linking is typically too sparse to produce a compelling mix of news.

Luckily, I did not know it can’t be done.

A small tweak to the algorithm (going from one post one vote to one site one vote) produced much better results.  Witness:

Planet Intertwingly

OPML Top 100


I will immediately concede that echo chambers like the weblogs that tend to be found in the OPML top 100 produce “better” results.  Two of the results from Planet Intertwingly (namely YouTube and Reddit) are clearly incidental.

But more importantly (at least to me): the results don’t overlap.  At all.  Which means to me that approaches like TechMeme are much better at tracking things that I and others don’t care much about.

I see a number of opportunities.  One idea might be to place a “headlines” section at the top of the river of news.  Another is to provide an option to sort the news by relevance.  Or to provide a “related” link at the bottom of news items, which could even be used to fetch additional items via AJAXy techniques.

[from Linkorama] MeMeme 2.0

I see a number of opportunities....

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Apple to roll-out iTunes movies and 'one more thing'

The charismatic leader and co-founder of Apple Computer, Steve Jobs, plans to summons the worldwide media to a special event next week in which he’ll usher in a new chapter in the company’s digital media strategy, AppleInsider has learned. ... Sam...

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Jubilee Thoughts: More on Personalized Meme Tracking

Gabe Rivera, author of Techmeme, has a blog post entitled Why I don’t offer a personal filter where he writes I’m facing another round of inquiries on personal filtering, mostly from Techmeme fans who’ve read Ross Mayfield’s or Dare Obasanjo’sJeff...

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Linkorama : MeMeme 2.0 - I see a number of opportunities. Tags : aggregation attention mememe opml socialnetworking...

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Planet voting

Sam Ruby has been writing about using a planet-style aggregator to create a feed of what’s hot among a community of bloggers (see MeMeme and MeMeme 2.0) — not the big wide noisy blogosphere. Like meme-trackers TechMeme and TailRank, Sam’s code is...

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En los últimos días está causando cierto revuelo algo que seguro que ya todos habíamos pensado: ¿de qué me sirven los sitios de votos meméticos o los sistemas que agregan la sabiduría de las masas si eso no se ajusta a mis necesidades?  Es un argument... [more]

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links for 2006-09-06

From the blogroll… Federal Research Public Access Act of 2006 AJAX Timeline OpenSearch Why who writes Wikipedia is important MeMeme 2.0...

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Learning and Doing New Things

I feel like I’ve been getting a little complacent about trying out new experiences in recent years. My new year resolution was to learn new technologies outside my comfort zone and try out new experiences. So far I think I’m doing OK on the new...

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The Joy of Programming: Learning Python and Simplifying Life

I’ve been working on simplifying my life and improving on my mental state over the last year or so. I’m now at the stage where I think I’ve gotten into a decent routine with diet and excercise. My next step [now that the rigors of buying the house...

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