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Venus/WordPress integration

Morten Frederiksen: Prompted by a question on the planet development list I finally got around to putting together a plugin that would power a WordPress installation through the use of Planet Venus.

I integrated a version of the patch.

Update: I found the remove_accents method to be amusing.

You mean, we can’t hear if the accent is british, from texas or new-york after the use of the method?  ;) (/joke)

Posted by karl at

That’s quite an interesting twist on Planet/Venus.  I had previously thought that sites built by Planet were rather complete on their own, but using Planet to stuff a WordPress blog certainly sounds like fun.

Posted by Scott Johnson at

Bloody Danish imperialists, I demand at least 0xa4c3, 0xb6c3, 0xbcc3, and 0x9fc3, plus upper case :-)

Posted by Martin at

Check out the version in the core WordPress tree:

Also, does this code run? Line 245 tries to create an arrray() with three "r"s. Seems like a typo.

Posted by Adam Trachtenberg at

Adam: just so there isn’t any confusion, when I said “amusing” I meant that in a strictly as a pejorative euphemism.  I happen to have strong feelings about the importance of internationalization, and know that people can produce web sites that handle accented characters correctly, even with PHP.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Adam: remove_accents is an exemplary demonstration of morons at work: “there are some Œ characters in those feeds that give the code indigestion so I need to get rid of them.” Guess how often the rountine will end up getting patched with that approach? Unicode has 1,113,985 code points beyond US-ASCII. The routine currently covers 6. And anyhow, most of them cannot be usefully transliterated into ASCII.

The right approach is to get i18n right, which, as Sam said, can be done. (Even though PHP makes it unnecessarily difficult.)

Posted by Aristotle Pagaltzis at

While I certainly agree that the mentioned 6 lines of code is not the solution to i18n problems in general, one should keep a few points in mind when labeling me a moron:

Posted by Morten Frederiksen at

links for 2006-10-24

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Excerpt from The Robinson House at

You can’t argue with the WordPress install base, and I love Matt and Toni, but everytime I look at the PHP code, I shudder. :)

Posted by Adam Trachtenberg at

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