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MSFT += Jon Udell

Jon Udell: My last day at InfoWorld will be Friday Dec 15. On Jan 15, after a month-long sabbatical, I’ll become a Microsoft employee.

Prediction: despite the fact that this “acquisition” of the unique “Udell brand” will likely cause Microsoft to change more than Jon himself will; what (quite unfortunately) will change most of all is how most people will interpret Jon’s insights.  Thankfully, Jon’s established track record prior to joining Microsoft and the quite evident freedom of expression that Microsoft permits its employees will mitigate this somewhat.

Best of luck with this new endeavor, Jon.

On Udell and Microsoft

I was surprised to read of Jon Udell joining Microsoft. I agree with Sam Ruby that Jon has enough street cred to counter the inevitable exclamations of bias in his future writings. At a minimum, we have years of writing before joining MS to be able...

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