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SVG to Silverlight Workbench



Feel free to view-source, submit patches, or make suggestions.  I’m particularly interested in feedback from people who know Silverlight.  Some of the Silverlight renderings are incomprehensible to me, for example: this one.


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Fixed.  Thanks!

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Sam Ruby plays with silverlight. Virtual Hosting With PureFTPd And MySQL (Incl. Quota And Bandwidth Management) On Debian Etch...

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Does anyone have any idea about the DOM for WPF/E?  How realistic is it to wish for JS that could access either DOM?

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Very cool Sam! 

Jeff - It is very easy to manipulate both the browser dom and Silverlight DOM and the ASP.NET Futures release we did makes it even easier... I did a demo of this at AjaxWorld a while back when Silverlight was still WPFE...
Check out the $getXaml() in last screen shot for example

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Sam Ruby: SVG to Silverlight Workbench

This is a work in progress. Conversion of many SVG features (e.g., viewBox, use, xlink, and many, many more) are not yet supported....

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SVG to Silverlight Workbench | Sam Ruby


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Silverlight resources

Resources: MSDN Silverlight Dev Center Silverlight tools & resources Some articles: SilverLight, Flash, and SVG Sam Ruby: SVG to Silverlight Workbench Why Silverlight Is Important...

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Possibly not exact, but the following renders closer to the SVG version of the caution sign:

<Canvas xmlns="">
  <Path Stroke="#000"  Canvas.Top="80" Canvas.Left="7.5" Fill="#fff" StrokeThickness="2" Data="M8,-15s-5,8,5,9l78,0s9,0,5-9l-40-71s-4-6-8,0z"/>
  <Path Stroke="#000" Fill="#fc0" StrokeLineJoin="Round" StrokeThickness="2" Data="M52,10 L10,85 L93,85z"/>
  <Path Stroke="#000" StrokeEndLineCap="Round" StrokeStartLineCap="Round" StrokeThickness="9" Data="M52,32l0,26" Fill="#000"/>
  <Ellipse Stroke="#000" Canvas.Top="67" Canvas.Left="46" Width="12" Height="12" Fill="#000"/>
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Good catch on StrokeStartLineCap.

Consistent SVG/Silverlight behavior can be achieved with absolute positioning:


Looks to me like there might be a Silverlight bug with the relative versions of the shorthand/smooth curveto commands.

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Boy, there’s a function I hope I never need to call.

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c3o: Sam Ruby: SVG to Silverlight Workbench

Sam Ruby: SVG to Silverlight Workbench Here’s an interesting use for Silverlight: Render SVG or Canvas content through it....

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Silverlight Samples

... [more]

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Silverlight Samples

There’s a lot of Silverlight in the air right now. I haven’t seen the 'net abuzz like this since FutureSplash Animator . ;) I’ve been collecting links to samples out there. Since Silverlight is all text (XAML, JS, etc) there’s a whole world of...

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Silverlight Samples

... [more]

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Silverlight Samples

Lutz’s Silverlight Monotone  - Reminds me of the demo scene on C64 Digger - really a Boulderdash game clone Inplay - MP3 player. Listen to Hanselminutes if you like. DLR/Dynamic Silverlight Samples There’s a pile here, make sure you get the...

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Nice work, but still a pity to see how easy it is to change the syntax from SVG to XAML and yet IE doesn’t do it natively. They keep creating these one-way doors from other technologies to MS specific technologies. Am I the only one seeing this?

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Silverlight and XAML, have you guys met Old Man SVG?

XAML and SVG, separated at birth? Windows Presentation Foundation introduced vector graphics as a first... [more]

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Silverlight and XAML, have you guys met Old Man SVG?

Summary XAML uses a vector graphics markup which is very similar to SVG, but since it’s part of a complete application framework the designers decided to use a slightly different format. I’d expect that XAML would be able to load...

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SVG to XAML Convertor

This is a very useful tool for anyone doing WPF development (not only Silverlight). If you are using WPF and the Silverlight image at the bottom doesn’t look right don’t worry, the generated XAML usually works well in the “full” WPF, you can test...

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It looks like my little demo was used to help debug.  Sweet!... [more]

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Here is the list of things I have:
  SilverLight plugin installed in IE
  An SVG file waiting to be converted into XAML

Given this, how do I use your information above to render my SVG on IE using SilverLight plugin?

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I agree.. it’s just too cryptic. always sucks! go buy Adobe Flex!!

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Ruby, Python and Silverlight

... [more]

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SVG Open 2007 Live from Tokyo

SVG open 2007 has started this morning in Tokyo. SVG 101 A bright sun, it is 9:56am, and I’m following a session given by Doug Schepers on SVG 101, explaining the basis of SVG. SVG is a language for describing......

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Blog Pulse


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A ton of SVG resources. and the SVG To Silverlight Workbench. [link] Have fun!

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Ruby, Python and Silverlight

It was about 5 years ago (March of 2002 by my records) that Miguel de Icaza and Sam Ruby  tried to convince us to ship our own Ruby runtime for .NET, and we thought it was a swell idea.  That was probably before DHH heard of...

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SVG to Silverlight

Is there any simple way to convert a SVG to Silverlight? I found the following site with wath i need : [link] But i would like to use this on my own application. Any web service i...

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I will start a web application. Should I use silverlight or wpf? Would you give me advice?

Thank you.
<a href="" title="linq" rel=”muse”>linq</a>

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Hi Sam,
I’m just interested if you have followed working on this library and can point me to the source code in order to include it in my project!:)

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By: aranwe

SVG in IE (via Silverlight and XSLT): Inline SVG in MSIE SVG to Silverlight Workbench SVG on IE via Silverlight Revisited...

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I concede, I have not been on this page in quite a while... on the other hand it was another happiness to see It is such an imperative subject and disregarded by such a large number of, even experts. experts. I thank you to help making individuals more mindful of conceivable issues. betsafe

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