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Information Access Patterns

Tim Bray: Web App Performance · Everything anybody knows on the subject, on one screen. Study and grow wise.

As luck would have it, I was just collecting a set of related links.  Here’s a Tab Sweep of my own:

Tab Sweep — Tech

Ouf, it’s been a while, is my browser ever fat....

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Scalability seems to be the hot topic as of late: All (almost) Seattle Conference on Scalability videos now online Scalability slideshows on (via Tim Bray) Sam Ruby’s list o' links (And don’t forget Building Scalable Web Sites [Amazon]...probably the best place to start.) I find the scalability stuff to be quite interesting. I file it under “a nice problem to have.”...... [more]

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I sorta stopped tab-sweeping.  I kinda just install the Session Manager plugin for Firefox everywhere I go, and everytime my “browser gets too fat” I name and save the session and start a new one.

That was slightly off-topic.

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Sam Ruby database performace links


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What about University of Washington: Problem Solving on Large Scale Clusters?

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I’ll see your UofW, and raise you a Hadoop.

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Scaling Web Applications

Sam Ruby, via Tim Bray, has collected a list of scaling web applications presentations and documents. As Tim said, this is “everything anybody knows” on the subject. I’m interested in large scale data crunching as we build out our data warehouse....

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Web Dev Links for week of July 27th

App Preformance;easier SQL; JavaScript number formatting/data and time; more AJAX samples; Prototype...

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Scale rails from one box to three, four and five [via Simon Willison]

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Reading list tab dump 4. Big Web Architecture

Distributed databases and other fancy stuff people like Google and Amazon are using to scale. A whole collection of slideshows about scaling websites Sam Ruby: Information access patterns Amazon job description: senior researcher for distributed...

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Sam Ruby: Information Access Patterns

Web App Performance · Everything anybody knows on the subject, on one screen. Study and grow wise....

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