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WordPress, AtomPub, and PHP5

Matt: I totally trust Sam, and if he has time to put the stamp on it then I could fast track it.

Looks like I’m being recruited into the WordPress QA department.

While Matt puts his faith in people (like me?  egads!), I put my faith in test suites that reflect the accumulated knowledge of people like Joe Gregorio and Tim Bray.  But of course, Matt is free to say that he knew I would say that, and that’s exactly what he meant by saying that he totally trusts me.

As I understand it WordPress 2.3 was originally scheduled for September 20, 2007, but now appears to be unscheduled.  Proceeding with the original dates as templates for the moment, the plan would require any features that are to make 2.3 be greenlighted by Matt and team by August 20th, and then the patches beaten into shape over the next 30 days (presumably front loaded as much as humanly possible).

If the schedule looks anything like that, I’m in, with one proviso.  I only am interested in investing my time on PHP5.  This presents an interesting dilemma.  Does WordPress:

What I mean by “I’m in” is that I will install the latest Wordpress, and track to SVN.  I will run it against both of the test suites mentioned above, as well as to Pete’s latest work.  I will try to encourage that there be a September 2007 Interop session, and that WordPress 2.3 be represented there.  In the process, I will feed back bug reports and patches to any or all of the associated codebases as I see fit.  If at the end, I’m happy, then I will give my thumbs up.

I’ll get started as soon as I hear that this feature has been greenlighted.