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Azubuko Obele: Because everybody ends up managing their own messaging solution. Now every application isn’t complete until it can send/receive IMs.

25 years ago, pretty much everybody was talking about a new thing (or at least, it was new to them).  It went by a name... Local Area Networks... or LANs.  There were so many to chose from: Banyan Vines, Token Ring, SMB, NetWare, AppleTalk...

But people don’t talk much about LAN’s any more, what a pity.  But the joke is on them — it seems that pretty much any application you use these days is LAN enabled anyway.  And you know what?  I, too, am a LAN administrator.  Couldn’t be easier.  Walk into your local Best Buy, ask for thing called a router and plug it in.  Administration can be done via a web browser - hey, that turns out to be a LAN enabled application too!  Who’d a thunk it?

Ten years from now, we will be using SMS text messages to change the channel on the televison.