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WordPress 2.3 AtomPub

Thanks to the hard work of Elias Torres and Pete Lacey WordPress 2.3 beta 1 has significantly upgraded support for the Atom Publishing Protocol.

The only post installation instructions required are to create and set permissions on the uploads directory.

cd wordpress
mkdir wp-content/uploads
chmod 777 wp-content/uploads


The apptestclient can be used to verify your installation.

svn checkout
cd apptestsuite/client
python --name=admin --password=password

Atom Protocol Exerciser

The APE may also be used to verify your installation.  If your WordPress blog is public, you can use the APE directly from the web.  Otherwise the APE can be installed locally on a Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (instructions for other operating systems may vary) and run thus:

Obtain a account

cvs -d login
cvs -d checkout ape

Place the following into src/go.cgi:

ruby go.rb
chmod +x src/go.cgi
sudo gem install builder

sudo mkdir /var/www/ape
sudo chown `id -u`:`id -g` /var/www/ape
cd /var/www/ape
sed -i 's/go" /go.cgi" /' index.html

Now, adjust the paths and drop the following into /etc/apache2/conf.d/atompub:

Alias /atompub/ /home/rubys/cvs/ape/src/
<Directory /home/rubys/cvs/ape/src>
  Options +ExecCGI
  AddHandler cgi-script cgi

sudo apache2ctl restart

In addition to being able to be run at http://localhost/ape, it can be run directly from the command line:

ruby go.rb "uri=" > report.html
sed -i '1,/^\r$/d' report.html


The apptestsuite and APE outputs will be updated hourly with the latest code from CVS and SVN until Wordpress 2.3 is released, and XMPP IMs will be sent to me upon failure.