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Rails Application Deployed by... IBM

CNN: The NMAAHC is the first museum website to partake fully of the Web 2.0 social computing revolution. The site is based on cutting-edge, open source programming frameworks such as Ruby on Rails for collaborative website development. It employs concepts such as tags, or keywords, created by the users to help organize the content. As a result, the Museum on the Web is an example of the bottoms-up web, meaning it’s both a product of a site visitor’s participation, and an enabler of creating a community for them. The site runs on IBM System X web and database servers.

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rails on IBM

- rails on IBM (ry)...

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Isn’t this kind of weird?  "The site is based on cutting-edge, open source programming frameworks such as Ruby on Rails"

Posted by Ian Bicking at

Don’t forget, a site also developed by IBM using Ruby on Rails.

Posted by Chris Gansen at

Interesting snippet from common.css font-size:0.6875em; changed it to font-size: 1em; in firebug and text became readable. The site really needs a good web designer.

Posted by Ahsan at

Ahsan, are you seeing this overall on the site? I’m curious about your default text size, because I’m trying to figure out what you’re seeing since the site looks readable to me in multiple browsers without having to change font-size as you did.

Posted by Yong Chen at

Pretty cool.  Seems like it could really use some caching though.  The headers indicate to me that they’re proxying straight from Mongrel with no caching, even on totally static pages.  End result is a somewhat sluggish page.

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Sam Ruby: Rails Application Deployed by... IBM


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