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RSS Profile Up For Vote

Rogers Cadenhead: We propose that the board endorse and publish the RSS Profile, making it available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license so that others can build upon and extend it with their own recommendations.

I’ve taken a first pass at what changes would be required for this profile to be supported by the Feed Validator.

In most case (background color: white), no changes will be required beyond verifying that the test cases are in place and some message texts may need to be updated.  When possible, I have tried to link to the actual message produced by the Feed Validator for comparison purposes.

In a number of places (background color: yellow), there are some new requirements that won’t be hard to implement.  In a few cases (background color: orange), I have a few questions.

In parallel with the vote, I will be prototyping a number of these changes (just the sections in yellow for now) on