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Pluggable Feed Format

Sometime yesterday Jay Young's default feed switched back to RSS 2.0.  The world didn’t end, and not everybody cares about such minutia, but Jay clearly does.  Jay may be a minority, but this enhancement would enable Jay and others like him to simply drop in a plugin such as this one, activate it, and be on their way.

The patch does not change the default feed format from RSS 2.0.  Perhaps that could be considered for a release like WordPress 4.0, and a plugin could be provided at that time to enable users to select the venerable RSS 2.0 feed format, but in any case such a change would require a separate ticket, as this patch does not do that.

It’s about the details

My default feed yesterday switch back to RSS 2 from Atom (and a huge thanks to Sam for pointing this out!) because of a upgrade to WordPress 2.3.1. It was another reminder of how things fail because of a cascade of missed details. The immediate...

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Standard Feed Format von WordPress

WordPress beitzt einen Filter, der dafür sorgt, dass der Feed des Blog im Standard auf RSS2.0 gesetzt wird ( wp_feed_selector ). Es gibt im derzeitigen Standard nicht die Möglichkeit den Feed im einem anderen Format anzuwählen. Damit...

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So many tabs, so little time!

This is a “raw” dump of what’s left after going thru my 250 feeds… from wednesday morning (to clean up for today’s reading!) Is Facebook Beacon a Privacy Nightmare? « GigaOM GmailGreasemonkey10API - gmail-greasemonkey -...

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Fabulous work, Sam. The work you put in to WordPress on behalf of the Atom community seems very underappreciated, but I want you to know that it is indeed highly appreciated by at least me and I guess a bunch of other people who have teared their hair out over the terrible Atom support WP has sported up until version 2.3 (and in some areas, as you point out, still does).

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