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HTML5 As Viewed By IE8

Dean Hachamovitch: You will hear a lot more from us soon on this blog and in other places. In the meantime, please don’t mistake silence for inaction.

I’d love to see a screenshot of this page using MSIE8.  While supporting HTML5 would be nice, the fact that MSIE7 won’t allow CSS rules to apply to any of the new HTML5 elements will significantly inhibit adoption of this standard.

It would be cool to see Microsoft start embracing existing standards that make sense rather than always trying to create new ones.

Posted by 68Bomber at

You know... I don’t believe it is in Microsoft’s blood to adopt standards that already exist and make sense, there will always be someone who believes in NIH.

Posted by 68Bomber at

What I find amusing is that they are going to be putting Microformats into IE8, yet their browser does not even support CSS yet, let alone XHTML/SVG/MathML etc.

How come Mozilla can do a thorough implementation of CSS yet Microsoft’s dedicated team of paid programmers cannot?

Posted by Borbus at

Borbus, never mind Mozilla, how come iCab has a better CSS implementation than Internet Explorer, despite being the work of one person?

Posted by Jim at

I believe that Microsoft will do everything to not support HTML 5. Instead they will push their proprietary technologies like Silverlight.
So, yes — not allowing CSS rules to apply to any of the new HTML 5 elements will be essential to Microsoft. :(

Posted by FataL at

It is pretty ridiculous considering HTML 5 has new block level elements. What are they thinking, honestly?

Posted by Dave Clayton at

Please pardon the tangential topic, but I noticed the referenced page using the extension .html5 I had not seen any mention of the extension in any working group materials and I gather the rendering engines ignore the extension anyway. Was that just for fun or is there a push to register an html5 extension?

Posted by Dana Lee Ling at

Rendering engines ignore the extension.  My blogging software doesn’t.  The extension is used (on the server side) to determine the template.  That template was temporary, my main page now defaults to valid html5.

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