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Two Steps Forward...

Another version of Ruby, a different set of REXML bugs.

Test case.  Before:

OS:    i486-linux
Ruby:  1.8.6
REXML: 3.1.6
XML:   <?xml version='1.0'?><root><a v='x &amp; y'/><b v='x &amp; y'/></root>


OS:    i686-linux
Ruby:  1.9.0
XML:   <?xml version='1.0'?><root><a v='x & y'/><b v='x &amp; y'/></root>


Well that’s just fantastic.  One more reason to get all my code migrated off of REXML.

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A good reason to not use a language for production code until it’s matured. See also how they completely changed scaffolding in Rails.

I do like some of the language features of Ruby, and I think it would be nice running as an apache module. I don’t understand why anyone would use Rails for anything other than prototyping though.

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[from ryansking] Sam Ruby: Two Steps Forward...

REXML either needs to improve or get replaced....

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Living In a Fool's Paradise

Why I hate REXML....

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