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Builder on 1.9

Like with REXML, I ported XML Builder to run on Ruby version 1.9.  As there is likely to be an extended transition period between 1.8 and 2.0, the design goal was to build a single library that supports both.




Updated: Patch, Gem

Sam, thanks for taking this stuff on.  The Ruby XML libraries have been driving me nuts for ages, and it’s good to finally see someone at the wheel who’s detail-oriented and has a serious background with XML.

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Sam: In general, you should be able to use the gem just fine on JRuby...and if not, it’s a bug and we’ll fix it. WRT 1.9 features, we plan to start adding them after our 1.1 final release this month, but we already have the regular expression engine done (thanks to Marcin Mielzinsky).

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions. I want to make sure everything works on JRuby.

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"Next performance fix: Builder::XChar" by Sam Ruby

Chuckle. :-) You might take a look at how I completely eliminated to_xs in my patch for Ruby 1.9. Perhaps similar techniques could be used for JRuby, as the root cause is that 1.8 MRI doesn’t grok Unicode?...

Excerpt from Nick Sieger: Next performance fix: Builder::XChar at

Thanks for the patch Sam!  Unfortunately, it looks like things have broken again with Ruby 1.9.1.  I’ve nailed down the problem to incompatibilities with minitest (the new Test::Unit implementation).  You can find my fixes on github at [link]

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Tim: you should fork jimweirich’s builder, like I did.

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Apply Sam Ruby's ruby1.9 patch from

m Rakefile m lib/builder/blankslate.rb m lib/builder/css.rb m lib/builder/xchar.rb m lib/builder/xmlbase.rb m lib/builder/xmlmarkup.rb m test/test_blankslate.rb m test/test_markupbuilder.rb m test/test_xchar.rb Apply Sam Ruby’s ruby1.9 patch from...

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