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Atom as Registry / Repository

First, AtomPub replaces UDDI. Then it replaces JCR.  Then UDDI again.

We’re actually using Atom on top of JCR in Galaxy. Also I’ve written a JCR Atom store for Abdera. So I wouldn’t quite say JCR has been replaced :-)

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So I wouldn’t quite say JCR has been replaced

You might not, but Adrian Sutton might.  :-)

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links for 2008-01-17

Sam Ruby: Atom as Registry / Repository AtomPub to rule them all. (tags: atom)...

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The Prevailing Wind

Anne Thomas Manes: “Also like the WSO2 repository, Galaxy does not conform to the prevailing registry standard, UDDI” This should be interpreted as being a good thing. I do agree with Anne, however, that if folks are going to go down this road with...

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JCR and AtomPub

Now that Galaxy is announced, I can unleash my fury of blogging again. Or, as we all know will probably happen, I can blog just slightly less sporadically again. One of the recent posts I’ve wanted to comment on is Atom is the New JCR (prompted by...

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Atom Is The New JCR

Adrian Sutton - Atom Is The New JCR : "When the Java Content Repository (JCR) standard first came out it was supposed to bring in a new era of compatibility between content repositories and put an end to the content silo. There was, and still is, a...

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links for 2008-01-19

Macworld.Ars: MacBook Air spec shootout specs for the Air (tags: air apple laptop specifications hardware via:trs80) Schneier on Security: My Open Wireless Network interesting, i wouldn’t have expected this. maybe i should consider doing the same. i...

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[from sogrady] Sam Ruby: Atom as Registry / Repository

the cool thing about solid technologies is the unanticipated uses...

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This Week's Semantic Web

Selected links related to Semantic Web technologies for the week ending 2008-01-21, all weeks . Also available in RDF as linked data or via GRDDL . In the Media Video: DataPortability - Connect, Control, Share, Remix Video: First steps with nepomuk...

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Déjà-vu: JCR vs. Atom? JCR loves Atom.

There has been a bit of discussion about JCR and Atom in the blogosphere this week. Things got started by Adrian Sutton’s post “Atom Is The New JCR” , then there was Dan Diephouse ("Atom has not replaced JCR it has supplemented it"), then Sam Ruby...

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