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Sunsetting Quirks Mode

“Steve”: Are there any doctypes that do not require this new meta tag to render with the IE8 rendering engine?

Chris Wilson: @Steve - sure.  Any unknown (i.e. not widely deployed) DOCTYPE.  HTML5, for example.

And, with that, there is no longer any need for me to have to opt-in in order to opt-out of IE8’s new super deluxe bistro quirks mode.

In 2005, we learned that IE7 will not support XHTML.  As of 2006, it appeared that IE8 will not either.  Time will tell, but what a pity.  I have found XHTML handy as a tool to track down security and encoding issues with my implementation, and outright “oopses” like this one.  Like Jacques Distler, I’d be grateful to hear of any other ways Philip Taylor — any anyone else who is so inclined — can find to introduce illformed content into my weblog.

Like Mike Davies, I have come to appreciate Shelley Power’s statement that as of January 1, 2010 she will tolerate nothing less than full spec compliance.  I’m reminded of Molly E. Holzschlag’s “Elsewhere” links: Bye bye Netscape. We’ve loved you, we’ve hated you, we’ve pretty much forgotten you by now.  It may be time for history to repeat itself.  Chris Wilson recently said: We realized that the model for web development was really “write to the standard, then test against and fix problems in the most popular browsers.”

It is time to start the planning process for eliminating that last step.

Thanks go out to Franklin Tse for calling my attention to Chris Wilson’s statement about the HTML5 doctype, and to Sunny ‘Negatif’ Ripert for the icon used above.