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Auto-inlining SVG

Jeff Schiller: Wouldn’t it also be possible for Sam to do this object->inline conversion on the planet side?  Requiring everyone producing feeds to do this seems like more work than to do it in one central location.

Such code would need to handle gzipped/deflated content, and should play nicely with caches.  For a number of reasons, that means that such functionality would be easier to add to Mars than to Venus.  In fact, it is easy enough to do so that I went ahead and did it.  Those that care to, can take a look at the output.

As with most things, however, things aren’t as easy as they might seem.  With your, feed, for example, there is no indication of what the dimensions of the object are to be.  This information is only present in your css, which is only linked from your html page.

To be able to support Erik's usage, I will need to autogenerate a wrapper span element to house the style attribute.