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RESTful Services with Erlang and Yaws

Steve Vinoski: if you’re writing dynamic RESTful web services, then Yaws is definitely worth exploring. In this article, I’ll relate some of my experiences with using Yaws and Erlang for web services development.

This otherwise excellent article fails my ETag test.

Hi Sam, thanks for the feedback. Yes, I could have shown more in the article, including the specifics of dealing with POST data and how to handle conditional GETs, including ETags. For the record, the RESTful services I develop in the real world using Erlang and Yaws do support conditional GETs.

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Erlang, Yaws, and ETags

Regarding my “RESTful Services with Erlang and Yaws” article on, Sam Ruby said: This otherwise excellent article fails my ETag test. When Sam speaks, I listen, so I’ve given his feedback a lot of thought. As I wrote in a comment on Sam’s...

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