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SEC Feeds

Dominic Jones: In a move that portends dramatic changes in how disclosures are disseminated online, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has added news feeds for every issuer and reporting person who files with the commission’s EDGAR database [via Charles Hoffman]

It would be nice if somebody could introduce the SEC to the validator.

Atom + XBRL = Smart Move By The SEC

From Sam Ruby’s blog: The SEC started using RSS feeds two or three years ago to push information about XBRL filings received under the SEC’s Voluntary Filing Program. See [link] See the prior entry on this blog...

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Validating the SEC

First off, let me start by saying that this is really very cool. However, I just have to ask why the folks at the SEC didn’t seem to bother running their stuff through a validator. Atom really isn’t that hard to do correctly. The SEC feed has...

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Mobile Web “Acceleration”

How do you make web browsing faster on a GPRS connection? The answer seems to be by injecting huge blocks of javascript into pages, turning 6KB of well-formed XHTML into 23KB of junk that refuses to render because it’s invalid. I’ve been...

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