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CSS Naked Day

Once again, it is CSS Naked Day.  Due to the way the Universal Feed Parser strips object tags, the SVG icons on entries from this weblog will display in full screen on Planet Intertwingly.  This can more easily be addressed in the Mars codebase.

Maybe I missed something, but when did you switch to using an object to wrap your inline SVG?

Posted by Jeff Schiller at

I’ll switch back when the day is over.  My normal approach is to use inline CSS, but for today I’ve removed such.  And as object freaks the UFP out, I’ll go back to avoiding it.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

I found a nice plugin that made today’s naked changes incredibly simple on my Wordpress blog.

Posted by Scott Johnson at

Scott Johnson : I used to have a plugin on WordPress too. However, seeing how the date is now randomly picked between the first tuesday, wednesday or thursday of april, my plugin snapped my csses 4 days early...

Posted by Sunny at

CSS Naked Day 2009

Do not adjust your sets, today is CSS Naked Day. I decided to steal Sam Ruby’s “naked trucker silhouette” this year. Sam has privately let me know that I cheat by using inline style, but sometimes I want to float my clipart left and sometimes I want...

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