It’s just data


Anne van Kesteren: What also was funny was that the Web was not about the browser except that lots of people here at TPAC wanted browsers to do things differently.

I’m not there, but I can’t believe that anybody there would ever say or even want to imply that the web does not include browsers.  Perhaps the solution is to add the word “just” to the line, thus: the Web was not just about the browser.  There... all better.  Contradiction is all gone now.

It seems that the distributed extensibility discussion won’t go away like apparently some would hope it would.  This proposal only affects the performance of web pages with element and attribute names which contain a colon in them, and only affects the local name and namespace URI of such elements and attributes.  Values that essentially are unused in HTML4.

It occurs to me that Anne may be intentionally being thick here.  what is wrong with using XML for this?  Come on.  I can answer that with two words: IE, and Postel.  Next question?