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Co-Chair HTML WG

Michael(tm) Smith: effective January 5, there will be a change in the leadership for the HTML Working Group. Sam Ruby has been appointed as a new co-chair by the W3C Director, Tim Berners-Lee, and will be joining Chris Wilson in that role next month; at that time, I’ll be returning to my previous role as the W3C staff contact for the group.

While my primary focus will be inward, let me first get something out of the way: I’ve talked to Steve Holbrook (IBM’s AC representative) and Roland Merrick (XHTML2 co-chair) and each of us personally would like to see the XHTML2 and HTML groups brought together or at least the overlaps removed.

I’m not overly concerned about events, access keys, or even an additional forms model.  If these efforts seek to address different requirements, they can attract their own constituencies.  Or not.  In any case, the web is a big place.

No, my concern is the active development of two incompatible vocabularies being served with the same media type and being defined in the same XML namespace.  A difference in DOCTYPE does not address my concern.