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Rack'em Up!

Rack is Ruby’s answer to Python’s WSGI.

A year and half later, Rails replaced the guts of script/server with a call out to Rack.

Days later, Phusion Passenger™ essentially became mod_rack, though you can still call it mod_rails if you like.

Yesterday, a new micro-framework named Metal has been introduced which allows one to intercept requests, whether it be for performance reasons or simply to call out to another framework.  Sinatra has already been demonstrated, Merb can’t be far behind.

I love it when a plan comes together

Rack’em Up!

Also there’s all kinds of interesting development at the Rack level. or example Rack::Cache [link] which implements HTTP caching semantics in Rack so you can write you app to be cacheable from day one.

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Rack’em Up!

Indeed, it was rack-cache that finally made me ‘get’ why rack was interesting.

I think referring to metal as a micro framework is over stating it, we added it simply to allow people to ‘drop down to the metal’ for those rare cases where you need ‘super fast’ responses.  Things like pollers or status urls.

We’ve completely rejigged our internals to be rack from top to bottom.  Our session store is now handled by middleware, our dispatchers only speak rack, our integration tests use rack also.

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Rails and Rack and Metal

I make pessimistic pronouncements about Ruby and suddenly interesting things turn up....

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Sam Ruby: Rack'em Up!

Sam Ruby: Rack’em Up! by François Hodierne rails passenger ruby Copy | React (0) [link]...

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Sam Ruby: Rack'em Up!

Sam Ruby: Rack’em Up! I have only a feint idea what all that means, but I think it means it’ll be easier to rewrite my web site in Ruby if I’d like to To finish reading....

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Rails Got Racked!

Ok, that title is terrible... But as Sam mentioned , Rails has adopted Rack ! I’ve managed to avoid Ruby in favor of a superior language (which I type with my tongue firmly in my cheek), but when I did use Ruby and Rails, Rack was of definite...

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The New Ruby Ecosystem

Last week I finally caught up with the state of Ruby - the language, the community and the tools in fashion. I’m impressed. These guys seem to be doing a lot of things right. I’d taken a break from Ruby a few months ago, after Metaprogramming Ruby...

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