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Larry Masinter: When the C++ committee (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21) produces a document, are they producing a Technical Specification of the language, or an Applicability Statement on compiler implementation?

The context for the above statement is an argument by Ian Hickson that "Technical Specifications", as you are describing them, are worthless.

James BrittThe consolidation removes this useful competition. This is maybe a plus for folks who prefer Rails, and a gain for people who want to do things the Merb way but can now say they are using Rails. Less useful to people who want to see more distinct options.

The context for the above statement is the fact that Yehuda Katz (of Merb fame) is joining the Rails Core team.

What do Yehuda and Ian have in common in this case?  They are both working on causes they believe in.

Dan Connolly: I also suggest we demote many/most of our OPEN issues to RAISED, and discourage discussion of issues that aren’t OPEN.

The context for the above statement is an Open Issues list where to this day the majority of open items have no actions associated with them, and for those that do have actions, many of the actions are either overdue now, or soon to be so.  If you listen carefully, you might even be able to make out the Whooshing Sounds.

I don’t yet fully know what I can accomplish as co-chair of the HTML working group, but I do intend to approach every raised issue with a disarmingly simple question: Is this something you intend to work on?

I love the suggestion that Dan Connolly made.  That seems to me like an excellent way of making it really easy to spot the stuff that nobody’s working on.

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Sam, just do everything Google and the other browser vendors wish and you’ll do just fine.

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Redo eller ej - HTML5 är på tapeten just nu

Igårkväll satt jag och försökte ta reda på hur väl den senaste tidens ökande förekomst av fraser typ “du kan använda HTML5 redan nu” stämmer in på mina egna märkspråksbehov och önskemål.Ni som till äventyrs följer mig på Twitter......

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