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iCalendar Validator?

Jon Udell: If we recapitulate the RSS/Atom experience with ICS, and lots more ad-hoc ICS feeds arrive on the scene, charts like this will go even redder.  To make them go green, we’ll need a more robust ICS validator.

Jon has done an excellent first step: demonstrating that there is a problem.

The next step is harder, and for the feed validator was borne mostly by Mark.  For each of the red entries on that page, somebody needs to identify what should be tested for, and for each test identify a short message, an explanation, and a solution.  Identifying real issues that prevent real feeds from being consumed by real consumers and describing the issue in terms that makes sense to the producer is what most would call value.

Once this is done, the coding is straightforward.  I’d be willing to volunteer to take on a large chunk of this.

Beeing young and innocent I was astonished that no big reckognised validation tool existed when I had to produce icals. Let’s do this, for great justice!

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Oh, please do. I had a terrible time when Google Calendar started up trying to find a working set that would work with that and iCal. The worst thing was events being discarded without telling me why.

And a clue on how to work around the lack of VEVENT DESCRIPTION;ALTREP and VEVENT URL in google’s impl would be nice - no way to provide reliable links in a calendar on the web is just bizarre. (It doesn’t have GEO either, but they do provide a workaround using the Location field. Sigh)

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I’m still holding off adding vCalendar support to my site until I have enough time to dive into the documentation and test some clients. Having a validator to speed up the process would be great. The feedvalidator really helped me out when I started to support atom feeds.

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A validator won’t do much good.  You can verify that a CUA generates compliant iCalendar; but that doesn’t mean that it’ll be accepted by other CUAs, because nobody implements the whole iCalendar spec.  (Does your CUA support timezones that change every 13 seconds, except on Tuesdays?)

See, when the IETF calsch working group was working on iCalendar, they fell into the “please everybody to get consensus” trap.  So, for example, when someone showed up at a WG meeting and wanted to use iCalendar for process control, they said OK, and agreed to let a recurrence rule specify its interval in seconds.  The result is that interoperability is severely limited; many CUAs will generate events that other CUAs can’t handle, even though they’re legitimate iCalendar.  For example, when my manager updates the weekly meeting, the recurrence rule Notes emits is so complex (with all the changes that have been made to it over the years) that Lightning can’t cope with it at all, and I just get a blank message.

Mind you, iCalendar’s problems can’t all be blamed on the IETF working group that did iCalendar, because they didn’t get to design it from scratch; they were evolving vCalendar, which came out of the Versit consoritum.

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John: areas of known interop issues are precisely where a validator can have the most value.  Being allowed by the spec simply means that such messages have to be warnings instead of errors, but that doesn’t mean that the messages aren’t of value.

I have no problem with the idea of issuing warnings in such situations.  Examples: RSS 2.0, Atom.

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iCalendar feeds

Hi everyone, Jon Udell from Microsoft has been doing some interesting work lately involving iCalendar feeds, their current status, and where they need to go for future acceptance. Among the libraries he’s using to test are: iCal4J DDay.iCal...

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The iCalendar validation project

Last month, in a series of entries, I laid out the case for an effort — inspired by the RSS/Atom feed validator — to create a similar suite of tests and tools for iCalendar feeds. I’m delighted to report that two developers of...

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Talking with Doug Day about the iCalendar validator

On this week’s Innovators show, Doug Day joins me to discuss the new iCalendar validator he has recently deployed on Azure. The project draws inspiration from the pathbreaking RSS/Atom feed validator originally created by Mark Pilgrim and Sam...

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