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Blazing a Trail

Anne van Kesteren: Now we have all these early adopters of HTML5 it seemed about time to move the goalposts. With help from Simon Pieters (SVG, some CSS bits), Sam Ruby (notably smaller SVG), and Robbert Broersma (menu) my site now looks uglier in most browsers. In fact, although I have not tested Safari 3.1, I am relatively certain it will not render properly in any released browser.

I approve.  While I try to stay within the boundaries of only using something that some released browser supports, and I am willing to apply such workarounds as vendor specific properties instead of “proper” CSS3 support for rounded corners, pushing the boundaries even further is also important.

I haven’t cut over yet, but I have been experimenting with a new design.  As features get deployed, I hope to incorporate them into my design.  If people have suggestions about things I can try, let me know.