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Online and Airborne

I’m on flight AA 15 accessing the internet via gogo inflight internet.

Needless to say, this is seriously cool.

IM, email, VPN all work.  Responsiveness and throughput is impressive.  Workspace with a T61p in seat 36C is a bit cramped, but workable.  Seat power appears to be a bit intermittent (dropping and reestablishing several times a minute), but sufficient to recharge my battery while I’m using my laptop.  I turned off sound as the beeps are annoying.

Update with a half an hour to go: performance has been consistent throughout the flight.

On 767-200’s it appears that the middle rows are just a bit more tightly packed than the window rows.  Something to think about when selecting seats in the future.

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When I followed the link to gogo (running NoScript) I get “Sorry. You must have JavaScript enabled to view this page.” JavaScript required for basic textual info? TRY AGAIN is my gripe in response.

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Hmm. I enjoy being disconnected when en route; it would be useful to have internet sometimes, but it makes flying that bit more mundane.

Of course, as soon as they start allowing mobile phones, it will be the end of civilisation anyway...

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To me, it is not a matter of being useful, it is a matter of being occupied.  I particularly enjoyed being able to keep in constant contact with my wife during the flight.

Best of all, the hours literally flew by... :-)

What does feel strange is landing and not having a full day’s queue of email to sort through.

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Thanks for turning off the beeps.

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I am using a cellular connection while commuting in bus and train here. The Madrid tube has only partial cellular coverage and I find it usually too dynamic and crowded to be practical for “connected tasks”. One gets used to spend this time sorting routine email or other tasks that are not so demanding in terms of concentration... but sometimes using this time just for thinking about problems pays better. I guess it depends on my mood and current mix of work, and also on how packed and quiet is the bus or train...

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