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Several Web technologies

Philippe Le Hegaret: Several Web technologies in ONE document

Background: at the Intro to W3C meeting, each of the Domain Leaders made a presentation introducing their domain.  This particular “slide” attracted a lot of interest, and a number of us goaded Philippe to split this one out and publish it.

Try it out!  Push the buttons and change the text, copy/paste, and view source.

Well done, Philippe.  Hopefully over time we can work together to make the demo conform to XHTML5, either by changing the demo or by changing the definition of XHTML5 to enable demos such as this one.

Very nice web technology demo

This ‘ glimpse of future web technologies ’, all in one document is pretty nifty. Lots of different web stuff in there, including rotated videos, fancy CSS, and DFXP captions for videos. Thanks to Sam Ruby for pointing to Philippe Le Hegaret’s...

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Awesome. I took the rotated MathMl to be embedded in SVG, but I was wrong. That is the first time I have seen the -moz-transform used to transform MathMl in an HTML division. Interesting, food for thought. Not sure it will be all that useful for me personally, but the two-dimensional normal distribution equation was a nice touch. I can also well imagine a number of atrocious pages being constructed using “shiny” and blurry effects. Thanks for sharing, I would not have stumbled onto that on my own.

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All for one, and one for all

Philippe Le Hegaret has created an uber-demo that puts a bunch of new technology into one HTML document. View source that puppy to see html video with DFXP captions, SVG, MathML, RDF, CSS goodness, and much much more. I can’t admit to caring...

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Glimpse of future web technologies

Philippe Le Hegaret has created an uber-demo, that ‘ glimpse of future web technologies ’, all in one document is pretty nifty one HTML document. Lots of different web stuff in there, including rotated html videos, SV, MathML, RDF,...

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A rough view of the future

A (rough) vision of future Web technologies working together....

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[Fx一般]Firefox 3.5の表現力

Bluish Coderの”Very nice web technology demo”で紹介されていたのが、”A glimpse of future Web technologies”という技術デモだ。Firefox 3.1 Beta 3以降に対応し、HTML5のきらびやかな世界を垣間見せてくれる。 SVG、MathML、ネイティブVideoサポート、text-shadow、ルビ...

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